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Functions of government and ethical stakes of financial markets standards

 We suggest in this thesis to examine the State’s modalities of action in terms of framing and control of the economic and financial sphere. This study leads us to study the concept of regulation through an epistemological, legal, economic and philosophical approach. De facto, the analysis of the functions of government proves to be essential insofar as we observe the evolution of the State’s regulatory praxis with regard to the economic doctrines and the legal and operational architecture of the institutions of regulation.


The functions of securization of the economic sphere shed lights on the complex space between the regulator and the regulated entity. In this context, the study of ethical issues with the importance of the concept of contextualization in terms of the moralization of  financial markets imply the confrontation of the regulatory praxis with key concepts as governmentality, categorization and performativity. Successively, guardian, regulator and strategist, the State is inserted, today in the digital age, in a fragmented and global world.


Understanding the phenomenon of "co-regulation" and "inter-regulation" requires, first of all, putting into perspective the notion of responsibility and independence of actors and institutions. In this reflection, the apprehension of risk by  public authorities underlines some limits both in risk models and  in models of regulation.


Keywords :

Regulation, Ethics, Governance, Contextualisation, Regulatory Institutions, Public Authority, State, Standards, Performativity, Risk, Responsability.

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Sabrina Abib NYC Wall Street
Sabrina Abib NYC
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