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 “Functions of government and ethical stakes of financial markets       standards”  (Ph.D dissertation, 400p.)


June 2013  


“Which balance of power between the political and the economic arenas” (M.Sc. thesis, 150p.)



Journal Publications
Academic Publications 

- Hannah Arendt -

December 2018

“Understanding our social interactions. A neuroeconomic perspective”, Review of Economic Philosophy. (Review of Pierre Livet & Christian Schmidt book)


December 2018

Financial risks & collective responses(work in progress, for publication at Ecole des Mines Paris Tech press 2018-2019)


January 2016   


The post-deregulation meaning of regulation

Revue Cités, n°64, Presses Universitaires de France, 2016 


Academic Publications 
Academic conferences  

13th February 2018

International conference at the Fondation Maison des sciences de l'homme: Performativity and governance of actuarial models. My presentation : From risk modelling to risk of regulation : how can we think the emergence of a total and contextual ethics on financial markets
4th December 2018
Conference at the Ecole des Mines Paris Tech: Historical anthropology of an extreme situation. My presentation will tackle the Financial risks & the collective responses
2nd June 2015
Conference at the University Paris Sorbonne Regulation, Law, Guarantee. My presentation was about Financial regulation & public authorities actions
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